The structure of fuels used to...

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The structure of fuels used to produce electricity

Information for energy consumers about the structure of fuel used for electrical energy generation sold by Polenergia Elektrociepłownia Nowa Sarzyna Sp. z o.o. pursuant to § 37.1 of the Ordinance of the Ministry of Economy dated 4 May 2007 on the specific conditions of functioning of the energy system (Dz.U.2007.93.623).

1. Structure of fuel and other energy carriers used for primary electrical energy generation by ENS in 2023.

2. The location where you can get information about influence of electrical energy generation on environment in regards to emissions for different kinds of fuel and other primary energy sources used to generate electrical energy, sold by ENS in 2023.

No Location where you can get information about influence of power generation on environment Fuel CO2
Radioactive waste
1 Power plant in Nowa Sarzyna Gas GZ-50 (E) 0,41916 0,0000 0,00031 0,0000
2 Distilled fuel oil*)
*) distilled fuel oil was burned in the gas turbines only during tests and trials

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