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Unique and environmentally friendly gas power plant

NSCP is Poland’s first thermal power plant whose generating blocks are capable of self-start-up and may be used in the process of recovery of the National Power System. Before NSCP, only hydroelectric power plants had this technical capability.


We belong to

Polenergia Group

The largest private energy group in Poland



BAT (Best Available Techniques)

We use the best
technologies for the sake of the environment


We influence

the safety of the power system

by providing its restoration and self-starting service


Sensitive to

the needs of the local communities

ENS engages in many charity projects



  • PV installation in NSCP

    In 2020, the Nowa Sarzyna Cogeneration Plant came up with the idea of building an environmentally-friendly photovoltaic installation, primarily to satisfy its own needs

  • Hydrogen transition

    The projects implemented at ENS will be a starting point for the hydrogen transition, for which the Group wants to be fully prepared in the coming years.

ENS in numbers

over 900,000 MWh/year

Electric power production capacity

over 600,000 GJ/year

Thermal power production capacity


Availability since the beginning of operation


Reliability since the beginning of operation

Meet the Polenergia Group

We provide customers with energy from the future, i.e. a system of innovative solutions based entirely on green renewable energy.

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