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ENS conducts its business in compliance with the appropriate legal regulations regarding environmental, health and safety protection.

In the area of environment protection ENS has the following decisions of the Lezajsk District:

  • Integrated Permit (gas emission, waste, noise, soil and ground water),
  • Water Permit (water and sewage),
  • Permission to to emit greenhouse gases from the installation (CO2).

ENS complies with all emission standards for NOx, SO2 and ash as set in the decisions, and its influence on the environment is far lower when compared to traditional energy generators fueled by coal, currently operating.

Gas emission Upper Limit /ppm/ Annual average emission /ppm/
NOx 36,5 17,0
CO 80,0 3,0
SO2 4,2 <1

In the respect of safety and hygiene at work ENS sets its own standards, higher than those required by law. In doing so ENS sets out a template for their business partners and contractors who willingly adopt these processes and use them in their ongoing business activities.

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