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Main information

ENS is an environmentally friendly power plant, equipped with a gas-steam unit of 116 MWe of the electrical net capacity, and of 70 MWt heat capacity, generating electrical energy and thermal energy in cogeneration. The electrical energy is sold to a private energy trading company and thermal energy is sold to a local chemical plant for technical and heating purposes and to a local municipality for heating. For the first 20 years gas was supplied by the Polish Gas Company Polskie Górnictwo Naftowe i Gazownictwo S.A. (PGNiG). Now it is supplied by a gas trading company from the capital group of Polenergia. Since 2021 ENS is also equipped with the 0.889 MW photovoltaic installation, used to cover its own electricity needs.

116 MWe

electrical net capacity (test)

0,889 MW

photovoltaic installation, used to cover its own electricity needs

70 MWt

thermal capacity (made available to recipients)

The production process in the power plant is fully automated. The power plant is fully maintained by a small, 5-person shift. Technology is defined as BAT (the Best Available Technology).

The management conducts the business in compliance with all applicable law and regulations, especially Energy law, environmental protection law, labor health and safety law.

In 2014 ENS implemented the environmental management system ISO 14001.

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