Certificates / Awards

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Certificates / Awards

Forbes Diamonds 2023
On June 16, 2023, ENS was awarded the diploma of the Laureate of the Forbes Monthly Ranking – Forbes Diamonds 2023 in the category of companies with revenues above PLN 250 million in the Podkarpackie Voivodeship.

EAGLES WPROST 2018 and 2019
The company was among the companies of the Podkarpackie Voivodeship awarded in the Ranking of the Wprost Weekly Magazine – Eagles of Wprost for 2018 and 2019.

“Reliable company of Podkarpackie Voivodeship”
We are pleased to announced that on 16 December 2014 the Chamber of Industry and Commerce of Rzeszów granted ENS for the second time the Certificate “Reliable company of Podkarpackie Voivodeship” and for the first time the title “Leading Company of Podkarpackie Voivodeship”.

Main award – the Statue of the “Business Fair Play 2014”
In 2014 ENS received the main award – the Statue, the Certificate and Bronze Laurel in the nationwide 17th edition of the program “Business Fair Play”. The main prize was granted to ENS for “the patronage over cultural initiatives in the region, for supporting schools, associations and museums, as well as patronage of talented individuals in the region”.

Certificate of the “Reliable Company” 2013
In 2013 the Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Rzeszów granted ENS the Certificate of “Reliable Company” 2013.

Distinction for ENS in the competition: Leaders of Sustainable Development
In 2013 in the competition Leaders of Sustainable Development 2013 run by Forbes and PricewaterhouseCoopers, ENS was among 12 companies distinguished for its best practices. ENS was highlighted for implementing a method for rain water usage in its production process.

Main award – the Statue of the “Business Fair Play 2012”
In 2012 ENS received the main award – the Statue – in the nationwide 15th edition of the program “Business Fair Play 2012”. The organizer of the program is the Institute for Private Enterprise and Democracy, program is an affiliate of the Polish Chamber of Commerce.

The Awarding Committee granted ENS the main award – the Statue – for “the creative, consistent approach towards business development of the region, for encouraging professional development of employees and for supporting local communities including patronage of culture and sport”.
Over 500 companies were registered in this 15th edition and the main awards were granted to 15 companies in Poland who stand out when conducting their business activities in the area of CSR, environmental protection, safety and work conditions.

Annually since 2009, the Awarding Committee of the “Business Fair Play” program has granted ENS with the Certificate of “Business Fair Play”. In 2011 ENS received the Golden Certificate of “Business Fair Play 2011”.

In 2013 ENS received the Golden Statue of “Business Fair Play 2013” (given to companies participating in the Program for 5 years). In 2014 ENS received the Laurel Brown (6 years in the Program), in 2015 the company received Silver Laurel (7 years in the Program), in 2016 the company received Golden Laurel (8 years in the Program) and nomination to the main award, in 2017 the company received Platinum Laurel (9 years in the Program) and in 2018 the company received the Platinum Statue.

In 2019 Mr Jacek Głowacki – the President of the Management Board, was awarded the title of the Fair Play Ambassador in Business 2019.

Friend of Leżajsk Poviat
In 2012 the lord mayor of Lezajsk district awarded ENS with the title the “Friend of Leżajsk District” in the category: “business” for its activities within the district.

Report „Responsible Business 2011″ in Poland
ENS management system and organization culture was noted and presented in the X jubilee edition of “Responsible Business Report in Poland in 2011”, in the category: organization arrangement – management.

Award for special care of an employee and his/her professional development
In 2009 ENS was granted an Award for special care of an employee and his/her professional development, within the competition of the Podkarpacie Business Award.

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