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According to the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility, ENS conducts its business taking into account social aspects and environmental protection, as well as maintaining good relationship with the different groups of stakeholders. The ENS stakeholders are clients, contractors, employees, institutions and the local communities.

The company places emphasis on the safety of all employees (its own and external) who work at the company’s premises. Appropriate procedures were implemented for safe work organizations that are much broader than the minimum required by law. Consequently from the beginning of its operation, ENS implemented recommendations of insurers’ auditors, that allowed them to increase safety and protection of employees and equipment. Since 2012 ENS has not received any new recommendations from the auditor, showing that there is an above average level of safety in all areas.

ENS provides a good working environment for its employees. The company makes every effort to improve working conditions for the employees and provide adequate equipment at all work stations, arranging job related training (trade, technical, safety, people skills). As the company pays attention to the education of its personnel, so the policy favors employees who want to increase their qualifications.

The management system is organized in such a way that it allows a smooth flow of information from the management to employees at all levels. It is worth mentioning that the ENS organizational culture was highlighted and presented in the X edition of “Responsible Business Report in Poland in 2011“, in the category: organization arrangement – management.

The company is sensitive to the needs of the local communities and it has helped with local initiatives for many years. ENS engages in many charity projects, mainly in the district of Leżajsk. The benefits for the assistance given can be seen locally. This strategy helps to integrate the company with the local residents. Financial donations are given to educational institutions, independent associations and social organizations, cultural institutions, sport clubs etc.

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