Performing tests for the grid system...

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Performing tests for the grid system reconstruction

On 20 and 21 March 2021 Polenergia Elektrociepłownia Nowa Sarzyna Sp. z o.o. performed black-out tests of gas turbine units and their operation in an island system. The tests consisted in confirming the ability of gas turbines to start-up in the event of a blackout and for their parallel operation in a separate island system. An additional element of the tests was to check the stability of operation and the possibility of voltage and frequency regulation by gas turbine units operating in a separate system without connection to the grid and then synchronization of the two-machine island to the national grid system using a bus coupler in the 110kV switchgear. All tests were performed with positive results. Tests of this type are carried out at the CHP plant periodically every year, starting from 2016 and result from the ENS obligations towards the National Grid Operator.

ENS is the first thermal power plant in Poland, the generating units of which have the ability to black-start and can be used in the process of the national grid reconstruction in case of black-out. So far, only hydroelectric power plants had such technical possibilities.

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